Dog Fashion in Italy

Dog fashion as a culture concept:

Fashion is important part of each country, because it underlines the peculiar style or practice that can be applied in many spheres such as: clothing and other accessories for dogs. All these things are almost unique for each state. Some countries can use other country’s fashion if it is very popular in the world. There are special world-wide trends, and fashion-aware people try to follow these trends for you puppy dogs.

Italy – contributor in the world-wide fashion

Considering the cultures which can contribute to the world-wide fashion, it is Italy that is one of the leading countries in fashion, along with the USA, France and so on. Italians are very aware of their dog clothes, dressing-up and style. Furthermore, they style and special fashion motto “ La bella Figura”. It means that for Italy fashion is quite important culture’s part.

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“Made in Italy”

There is one generalized concept in the world, that can be seen by the label “ Made in Italy”. This generalized brand expresses a particular excellence of the craftsmanship, of Italian foremasters’ creativity. Italian luxury goods became popular by the textiles, which Italy produces, superb elegance, refinement, which can be the guarantee of the using of quality materials.

Dog fashion shows in London and NY

Being extremely popular on London and New York dog fashion weeks, transparent fabrics were also presented on a Milan fashion show by Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Fendi. A grid was used like integral element for spring and summer clothes by them.

An emphasis on asymmetry claimed on London and New York dog fashion weeks was developed by Italian designers on a Milan fashion show ‘Spring – 2015’ either. Appeared for the first time on London dog fashion week the tendency to decorate dog pants and sweaters are the flashy topics on Milan dog fashion show. The initiators of using this decorative element were Armani and Sportmax. The last clothes label proposed to decorate belts with fringe.

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